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We are a Minnesota based videography couple capturing everything from the grand to the everyday moments of life. We believe that every story is worth telling because we are all part of a story. Every person, company, and moment has value and purpose. No matter what the project is, we want people to feel connected to what they are seeing and to each other. We want the product that you receive from us to honor the moments; to honor the people; to tell who you are.

Work with us



Sun up/Sun down

We know how much time and energy goes into planning a wedding. It's like a big puzzle with many pieces that come together to create your day. We don't want your film to miss a single piece! That's why we offer 12 hours of coverage! You get us both, that's right, both!

Day/Day +

We offer two packages. One with full-day wedding coverage, and the other with full-day wedding coverage + your rehearsal dinner. The only question you need to ask yourself is how long do you want us around?

Cookie-cutter Free

You and your wedding are not the same as anyone else. That’s why the product you receive will be unique to you. Our desire is that when you watch your film you will feel its true reflection of who you are and the story your love has to tell.




From the grand to the mundane, we want to capture those moments on film for you. When you watch your video you will feel that the film is a true reflection of who you are and what that moment was like. We have been invited into homes to celebrate their joy and sorrow, always with camera in hand. Your event is not the same as anyone else. That’s why we’re so honored to be a part of your lives for a brief time and create a product that is beautiful and unique to you. Often people think that only weddings need to be professionally captured on film. We love weddings, but we also see beauty in the ordinary events of life. So much of life is full of beauty, we want to film it all.


Whether it’s your child’s 1st or 18th, a friend’s 40th or a grandparent’s 80th, we can be there interviewing family and friends, filming them opening their presents and all the details of the day. Let us be behind the camera so that you can enjoy the day!


Are you getting ready to have a baby? Do you want to remember what life was like and what you were feeling - the anticipation, the hopes, the fears – before the little cutie arrives. Let us film "A Day in the Life" of you.


Are you beginning the adoption process and want to have a short film that tells your story? We know how delicate your hearts may be and want to help you share your desire for a child into your family.


Birth is amazing. Imagine being able to experience that day again through film. To feel the anxiety, excitement and the joy as you held your baby for the first time.


Maybe you want to remember a special holiday, a memorial service for a loved one, a homecoming of a spouse or a child, or maybe you have an idea that you want to communicate but just can’t quite figure out how. Let us help you.



Companies are not boring

We feel that corporate videos have a reputation of being boring. They may tell the audience what they do and where they are located, but not why they do what they do. This needs to change. Corporations, like people, have value and purpose. We want to create a film that engages people in a way that makes them connect with you and drives them to want to know more. In this market, consumers want to feel a connection to the brand; employees want to feel a connection to their employer. Let’s meet and talk about how we can make that connection happen through film.


Your company is not the same as anyone else. That’s why the product you receive will be unique to you. We have the gear and the experience to show the heart of your company in a way that represents your brand correctly and engages the audience.


We have experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors. We’ll price out your project before filming so that you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it.